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Sarah was the movement coach on Jupiter Ascending, released February 2015, directed by The Wachowskis (Cloud Atlas and The Matrix) and Guardians of the Galaxy, released August 2014, directed by James Gunn.

Bespoke classes, workshops and courses for actors, directors, student actors, animators, dancers, models, singers, teachers, & anyone else interested in acting and movement coaching. Designed specifically for your needs, for individuals, small or large groups, companies, educational institutions…

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Draft workshop and course proposals are available upon request.

Private classes for individuals from £50ph – block of 5hrs paid in advance £200 (London only & valid for 3 months). Rest of UK and International prices are available upon request. Please note that studio hire is an additional cost.

Private group classes at £75ph (minimum booking of 2 hours in London, rest of UK and International prices are available upon request). Please note that studio hire is an additional cost.

Workshops and masterclasses – please join the mailing list if you would like to be notified of upcoming workshops, or visit the Calendar page for the current schedule.

Here are some examples of topics that may be encountered in a session:

• Explore the creative potentials that the body has to offer, through practice and observation, and how this can translate through character work/animation/movement or dance.

• To raise the awareness of the subtleties of acting, through the use of the body and movement, as well as through voice and text.

• Research. If you are playing a particular character, or they have a  particular illness or come from a specific culture or time, then this obviously has to be researched and kinesthetically explored, so as to implement particular behaviourisms into the characters body and movements.

• Creature work/animal studies. Finding the balance between creature and man can be explored kinesthetically, to achieve the required qualities of the physical life of the character.

• To guide the creators to research further into their own movement habits and potential and then to work specifically on a particular character’s movement qualities or to develop further their own movement vocabulary and potential for personal development.

• Script analysis, to explore further through the text both the character’s inner and physical life and how this can be translated through acting/animation/movement.

• The acknowledgement of anatomy and how it plays its part in how we walk, sit, stand, move or indeed feel.

• To use movement to develop performance choices, confidence and stage presence.

• To consider movement as a storytelling device.

• Exercises and classes are inspired by leading acting and movement practitioners and practices including Stanislavski, Laban, Bartenieff, Lecoq and many others.

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Movement for Actors classes and workshops taught by Sarah are usually explorative by nature, using ideas particularly inspired by Rudolph Laban, to help discover the subtleties in performance and characterisation and in particular exploring a character’s movement vocabulary and patterns.

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It is useful to tune into our own movement patterns, before thinking about a particular character’s, bringing our subconscious behaviourisms to our consciousness. If we are unaware of our own movement patterns, what tends to happen is that we bring these subconscious patterns into most of the characters that we embody. Through exercises/group activity/observations and discussions, classes and workshops will be a fun and useful way for the actor to explore new ways of ‘seeing’ in terms of looking at characters and in particular their movements.

Sarah teaches movement for actors on the Get into Acting course, Audition Bootcamp and Movement Fundamentals programme at The Actors Centre.

Sarah offers movement coaching for professional and non-professional actors, student actors and anyone simply interested in acting and movement coaching.

Regular Workshops and Masterclasses are also run by leading Physical Theatre Companies and Movement Practitioners. See our Workshops page for full details.

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Sarah can be hired as a Movement Director for TV, Film, Theatre, Animation, Games, Music & Media Projects…

Sarah’s skills range from creature performance research and direction, motion capture movement direction, acting & character movement in Animation, actor preparation & coaching, developing a movement language and style to suit your project, developing an actor’s or character’s movement language and vocabulary, company warm ups…

Sarah is currently Movement Directing R&D of Creature for SDNA, directed by Kirsty Housley.

Movement Specialist CV

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acting character movement for animators

Whatever your technique – cel and drawn, computer generated, stop motion, 2D, 3D CGI or motion capture – Shapes In Motion can offer you a variety of classes, workshops and courses tailored to your needs in both acting and movement training, designed specifically for animators.

Animators are storytellers, and through various themed classes and workshops the skills of great storytelling and the awareness of the subtleties of acting can be explored and developed.

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Directors, heads of departments, supervisors, teachers or individuals – if you would like to hire Sarah from Shapes In Motion as a movement director or movement coach for a specific project, or for occasional sessions whilst working on a project, prices can be negotiated.

Recent clients have included Double Negative, MPC, Framestore, Aardman, Jellyfish Pictures, BFX Festival, Animex Festival, Escape Studios, Met Film School (1-year Visual Effects and Animation), Ravensboune (BA Animation Production), University of Kent (Msc Computer Animation), Norwich University College of the Arts (BA Animation), University of West London (BA Digital Animation), University of Hertfordshire (BA Animation courses), Bucks New University (BA and MA Animation & Visual Effects) …

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motion capture

Sarah is available to be hired as a Motion Capture movement director or movement & performance coach for the Film, TV, VFX and Games industries.

Sarah has been movement directing Motion Capture projects since 2010.  Motion Capture often lends itself to the creation of some very interesting creature based characters of which Sarah has worked with performers, animators, directors, students and artists in exploring the physical and even vocal life of such characters.

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Sarah has developed and taught Motion Capture Performance workshops at Sadler’s Wells, The Actors Centre, The Actors Guild, ICAT and Mountview Theatre Academy.

In 2016 The Mocap Troupe was developed, a team of go to Actors who can be hired specifically for Motion Capture and Creature work. Please see the Mocap Troupe page for more information.

Email to enquire.

(Motion Capture actor – Adrian Relph)

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character and creature consultant

Sarah is available to be hired as a Character & Creature consultant for projects in a multitude of industries including; Film, TV, Games, Theatre, Live Performance… Sarah can research and assist in bringing your chosen character to life.

Sarah is a keen researcher into animal studies and is currently studying for a diploma in Zoology. She is particularly interested in the movement patterns and behaviourisms of animals, as well as humans, and finding new ways to move and act to discover original character and creature qualities.

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Sarah was involved in leading workshops at MPC, exploring the physical life of Reepicheep, one of the main CG characters in The Chronicles of Narnia – Voyage of the Dawn Treader and of Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy. Finding the appropriate balance between man and creature can be an interesting and enriching creative journey. Sarah liaises with directors, costume, vfx and performers to find the exact balance needed for each potential character.

Sarah has worked as a character consultant, tutor and coach for various VFX companies including; MPC, Framestore and Jellyfish Pictures and for major Films including Guardians of the Galaxy and Jupiter Ascending.

Email to enquire.

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Sarah is a registered and practicing Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher.

Find out more on the Yoga page.