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I began working as a graphic designer, web designer and music composer in 1998, and since then I’ve enjoyed working with clients from around the world on a very wide range of projects.

Here are some kind words from some of those clients.
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Graphic designer testimonials & recommendations

Music Client Testimonials  |  Music Reviews

OWN IT! identity design and stationery design
“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help. You’ve been so effortless to work with, professional, friendly, and delivered great results in quick turnaround times. I’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone looking for a designer and I’ll also use you for all my future projects!”

Crystal Mahey-Morgan, OWN IT!
Queens Beauty brand identity design
“My experience with Stephen from start to finish was plain sailing – he quickly understood my design ideas and kindly offered extremely valuable advice. I was on a tight schedule and cannot believe such a thorough job was done in such a short space of time. I wouldn’t dream of using anyone else now. Highly recommended.”

Jessica Woolliscroft, Queens Beauty
“Since we first met Stephen and gave him our design brief he has been great to work with, and has really helped to turn our ideas into effective and memorable designs. I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending his work to friends and colleagues.”

Mark Willetts, Partner, Mutuo
Shapes In Motion logo design
“Stephen’s work exceeded my expectations – not only was the creative input outstanding, but also the time and effort spent on researching the nature of my business, so as to achieve the final result, was equally impressive. I highly recommend Stephen as a designer and am more than happy to continue using Stephen for future design projects.”

Sarah Perry, Shapes In Motion
And Yet brand identity design
“Thank you for the whole experience – you made the whole process very smooth. I’ve really enjoyed working with you and I would happily recommend you to any friends that are looking for design work.”

Nicki Hainey, And Yet
“It was a pleasure working with Stephen on the NATSPHOTOGRAFEE project. He understood the concept of design that I was looking for, and brought it to life. Stephen is highly recommended and I will definitely work with him again in the near future.”

Adrienne Chinn Design logo redesign
“It was a real pleasure working with Stephen on the revamp of my logo. The new logo is a real reflection of my design ethos of simple contemporary design with an eclectic twist. Stephen came up with creative and carefully-considered suggestions throughout the process, and happily experimented with my ideas – it was a true collaboration.”

Adrienne Chinn, Managing Director, Adrienne Chinn Design
Jenny Turner responsive website design
“Thanks so so much again for all your hard work, I am delighted with the site and shall promise to bore everyone I meet with your design wonderfulness.”

Jenny Turner, storyboard artist and illustrator
Logo redesign, identity design, signage, packaging and web presence for Tempi Med
“Stephen has proved to be a fantastic member of our design team. He understands the customer psyche, and his creativity, professionalism and flexibility has led us to a great end result delivered on time.”

David Penson, Managing Director, Tempi Med
Darren Stamford identity and stationery design
“Stephen has the rare ability to manage both the business side and the creative side with a panache that makes you feel like you have hit the jackpot – it feels like the most efficient office PA is working with one of the most creative minds. If you are in any doubt, as I was following a ‘blind’ search, doubt no more. Employ him. Then relax because you are in safe hands.”

Darren Stamford, actor
Ben Vonberg-Clark web design
“Stephen is always incredibly obliging and calm. He is upfront about costs and always works to deadlines. He is a true professional and I would recommend him to anyone!”

Ben Vonberg-Clark
Gifted Thinking logo design
“Trying to figure out how best to brand your new company and anticipate the different ways in which your ideas will be received can be very overwhelming. Working with Stephen was a breath of fresh air – I enjoyed the entire process. Having someone to bounce ideas off, whilst also receiving honest, direct advice and guidance in areas that I hadn’t considered, was invaluable. I’m very grateful and looking forward to our next project.”

Tania Jacobs, Founder, Gifted Thinking
AdWidger logo design
“Stephen had the knowledge and experience to undertake an effective design process and the creative spark to produce something unique and relevant. He also had the patience to give genuine consideration to my good ideas and the tact to let me down gently when the ideas were rubbish. I was in safe hands!”

Charles Stanway, Managing Director, AdWidger
York-Walker identity design
“Stephen was absolutely amazing, it was like he read my mind and produced exactly what I was thinking. I recently started up a new business so was a little nervous about how my brand should look in order to represent my business – I shouldn’t have worried. Stephen produced various designs, giving me loads of options and ideas and was happy to make tweaks until it was perfect. I couldn’t be happier. I won’t hesitate to work with Stephen again!”

Helen Walker, York-Walker
“Co-creativity sums up my experience of working with Stephen. Gut instinct and logic drove me to choose him to work with, after I came across his designs by chance. I came to our project with a little anxiety and trepidation, but Stephen was a calming, encouraging and, above all, patient presence. I love the end result, which, as with the most enjoyable music productions, is a harmonious whole that incorporates ideas from both of us, without the joins showing!”

Kwesi Hughes, Tremendum
London Kool Fitness
“Many thanks for your efforts. The end product is excellent and exactly what I had envisaged and indeed hoped for. It’s been a pleasure working with you and I will not hesitate to recommend your services.”

Michael Chapman, Founder, London Kool Fitness
Neill Anthony web design
“Stephen built the website for my private chef business and was the ultimate professional from the start. He is always on hand to do anything that I need done to my site in super quick time. He is great at explaining all the computer jargon that most people don’t understand, and I highly recommend his services.”

Neill Anthony, personal chef
NORMAL t-shirt design inspired by antipsychotic medication, commissioned by poet David Holloway
“Stephen took my t-shirt ideas and worked with me to make them into a brilliant modern product. His past history of designing the best quality images was the reason I wanted to work with him. He is an excellent designer and is highly recommended.”

David Holloway
Oliver Bullough web design
“Stephen was imaginative, helpful and patient in designing my web site. I had a precise idea what I wanted, but only the vaguest idea how it should look, and he changed my hazy instructions into a site that I am absolutely delighted with. He tolerated with great good humour all my minutest quibbles, and the price was very reasonable indeed. I would recommend Stephen as a designer to anyone.”

Oliver Bullough, author and journalist
Identity design for Another Great Idea
“I feel sorry for Stephen when I knock on his inbox with some new venture of mine. I am finicky, pernickety and perfectionisty, and all the while Stephen is calm, patient, measured, good-humoured and unruffled. I always imagine him screaming and leaping out the highest window when he hears from me, but this is never portrayed in his manner whatsoever. I felt moved to submit this testimonial as he picked the right vocation for himself, as he has such an excellent manner with people no matter how annoying the customer may be!”

Sarah Dawson, Product Designer, Another Great Idea
Identity design and business cards for Emmy Dexel
“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Stephen. Although I did have a rough idea about what I wanted at the start, he did such a fantastic job in shaping and creating the final design, which I am very pleased with!”

Emmy Dexel, freelance producer/director/reporter
Logo design for The Token Yard Club
“Stephen is the only designer I’ve worked with who actually listened, absorbed and ultimately produced something that I was hoping for. Designing a logo for a new business can be pretty stressful, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process this time around.”

Giuseppe Minetti, Managing Director, The Token Yard Club
Whitney Sawmills web design
“The staff of Whitney Sawmills would like to thank you for completing our new website. Your service could not have been more helpful, efficient and thorough, and we are delighted with the results.”

Will Bullough, Managing Director, Whitney Sawmills
James Miller web design
“Stephen is an excellent web designer who provided me with a stylish, effective website at a very competitive price. He is prompt and professional and I would recommend him without reservation.”

Dr James Miller, author
Tom Bullough web design
“Stephen’s service was excellent throughout: imaginative, professional and invariably prompt. He helped me patiently through the early stages of the website – explaining the technical aspects and suggesting numerous ideas of his own – and the result is every bit as functional as it is attractive. Subsequently, he has remained consistently helpful and available. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Tom Bullough, author
Waffle Public Relations web design
“I am impressed with Stephen’s ability to interpret the design and style of the website required and found his suggestions along the way to be thoughtful and engaging. He is technically highly skilled and his follow up on all matters has been exemplary. Stephen was courteous and helpful throughout the project and I am completely satisfied with the overall result.”

Ted Kahn, Managing Director, Waffle Public Relations

Music Composer Testimonials & Reviews south west London

Pink Mist
“Pink Mist was an ambitious project for any music composer to take on. Over 70 minutes of original composition, much of it underscoring speech that would transport the audience seamlessly between diverse moods and multiple destinations. So, in Stephen Hoper, I was thrilled and relieved to find someone who so instantly and totally understood our vision for the play and who responded with a sublime set of music cues ranging from pulsating Bristol dubstep to soul-wrenching ambient themes. His contribution to the success of the production was huge, his music adding layers of cinematic edge and emotion to the story. What’s more, he combined this wonderful creativity with a work ethic and supremely professional response to feedback that made collaborating with him a complete joy from start to finish.”

Nigel Cole, Director, TTC production of Pink Mist

“Thanks for making this beautiful piece so haunting and mind-blowing” … “Thank you for your incredible music and bringing the story to life” … “Phenomenal work. Absolute perfection.”

Cast feedback, TTC production of Pink Mist
The Zombie Diaries
“I commissioned Stephen to score my films Mnemosyne and The Zombie Diaries. I recommend him without hesitation. Stephen worked to my spec, responded to all my queries promptly, hit all pressured deadlines, and always kept me fully informed of his progress. In addition to his professionalism, I find his work exquisite and powerful and am always 100% satisfied with the end product.”

Michael Bartlett, Director, Bleeding Edge Films
The Dark Hunter
“Stephen’s music has the the depth and epic sensibilities that puts it up there with the best Hollywood fare, while remaining unique, original and non-clichéd. It has that cult quality about it. It can be fittingly abstract and ambient, or thematic and memorable. Good scores are invisible, serving to emote and enhance, until the moments that we’re supposed to notice them. Stephen’s work did all this and lifted our movie immeasurably, capturing both the creepy and comedic elements. I hope to have the chance to work with him again soon.”

Duncan Cowan, Director, The Dark Hunter
White Beast
“As a film director I’m looking not only for quality work but I also value very much the human factor which I find very important in successful filmmaking. Stephen has not only got a genuine feel for music and a composer’s work, but is also a very nice person to communicate and work with.”

Janis Vingris, Director/Producer, EHO Films

Film TV Music Composer south west London

“With versatile, physical performances that match the expressive style of original music composed by Stephen Hoper, this play seriously pulsates and is totally intoxicating”

YourLocalGuardian’s review of Pink Mist

“The wonderful sound and lighting effects bring home the horrors of the battlefields contrasting sharply with the beat and frenzy of the nightclub. This production of Pink Mist is drama at its best … The rhythm and sound patterns contribute to the sense of horror and futility experienced by the three soldiers, who join the army as boys but soon mature into vengeful fighting machines”

Celia Bard’s review of Pink Mist

“Stephen Hoper’s truly eerie synthesizer soundtrack holds the splintered story together.”

videobusiness.com review of The Zombie Diaries

“…a minimal and effectively creepy score from Stephen Hoper… The Zombie Diaries is a strong film. It’s bleak, and it’s damn creepy. 5/5″

mailorderzombie.com review of The Zombie Diaries

“In most cases I would say with a film like this no score is probably the best way to go. This is one of those things that the production had to make a big gamble on. Will it take the viewers out of the claustrophobic feeling of the zombie outbreak or will it amp up the scares even more? It was a make or break move. Luckily they went with a very simplistic score that amped up the scares but doesn’t overwhelm the senses. Pitch perfect for this film. No bands, no big orchestras, just a very simple haunting kind of melody that plays at certain points to add to the scene.”

horror-movies.ca review of The Zombie Diaries

“Stephen Hoper’s haunting minimalist score and the cold outdoor cinematography add to the muted atmosphere tremendously too.”

sexgoremutants.co.uk review of The Zombie Diaries

“There are moments in The Zombie Diaries where I felt truly afraid. What helped with this is the creepy music, which isn’t overdone at all. The music in a horror film is one of the most important elements. 9/10”

theaxeisback.com review of The Zombie Diaries

“The score is excellent. Stephen Hoper has worked wonders with a few bars of well-timed eeriness.”

rumourmachine.com review of Mnemosyne

“The sound was good throughout – a sturdy mix of foley and effects with an appropriate ambient score by Stephen Hoper. Make no mistake – Mnemosyne is a very good first film from Mike Bartlett and wins hands down over most other directors’ first efforts. It looks professional, contains a strong soundtrack and some competent acting. It is bathed in an atmosphere of minimalist surrealism.”

film-idol.com review of Mnemosyne

“I think the sound should get some praise here – particularly Stephen Hoper’s work, and that’s not just because I’ve come across him before.”

simplydv.co.uk review of Mnemosyne

“Notons aussi une excellent musique de Stephen Hoper et une ambiance sonore bien travaillée par SvBell. Une équipe à surveiller! Recommandé!”

lefantastique.net review of Irish Whisky